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Since I can remember, I have sung this great Christmas Carol, in all kinds of settings, from old cathedrals to old people’s homes. But not until this year did verse 2 really hit me, and I believe it was a Holy Spirit prompt!

I believe it’s time for the songwriters to ‘employ’ their songs in establishing that the Savior reigns.

However, I don’t just mean Christian worship songs or CCM songs. I mean, it’s time to employ your songs to show the Savior reigns without preaching or keeping it within the confines of church or Christian events. It’s time to bring His light into the places where it’s needed most.

This is not saying ‘stop writing worship songs’ – the church still needs those fresh declarations of praise. This not saying ‘stop writing songs for Christian radio or Christian events’ – those are still valid and needed. What this is saying – songwriters, it’s time to pick up your weapons and walk in to where you are called, carrying His light. Pouring in Hope where there is desperation and depression, pouring in joy where there has been darkness and despair, shedding light in the valleys of darkness.

Be authentic as a writer. You’re job is not to preach but to be an example, to carry the Kingdom into every venue, studio, green room, writing session that you walk in to. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict – it’s your job to be faithful.

It’s also time for the church to support those song writers who may never write songs that appear on our screens on a Sunday morning but may play in a dive bar and sing something that changes someone on the brink of suicide, that gives someone strength to face their challenges or bring in an atmosphere that makes people ask questions about what is different when they play. The songwriter or artist who is not gifted as a public worship leader should not feel less supported or honored as the those who lead worship for churches and gatherings week after week. Maybe, they need as much support if not more, they may be put in rooms and situations we don’t always understand or like, but they are often standing in the frontline of warfare firing their weapons, but desperately need an army supporting them, providing a safe place of encouragement, accountability, rest and refreshing. It’s time to come out of the shadows, it’s time to be authentic and dangerous!

Let all their songs employ – alternative, r’n’b, chill, EDM, grime, pop, country, rock, jazz.

Time to bring joy to the world – demonstrate that the Savior reigns!

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