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Hi! I am a native of Northern Ireland, having lived a huge chunk of my life in England, I now reside in the USA.

I have been actively involved with Christian music all my life. From a kid in children’s choir, through leading worship in youth groups and churches, to being a full time front man in a band, and this past season of being a Label Manager, head of publishing and head of A&R in Christian music companies ICC (now Essential Christian & Song Solutions) and Kingsway Music/Survivor Records in the UK, and then Integrity Music and Bethel Music in USA. Working alongside artists such as Leeland, Matt Redman, Rend Collective, Thrive Worship, David Leonard, Josh Baldwin, Zahriya Zachary and Bethel Music collective.

It goes without saying that I love God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love the church. I love people and I love getting to see people’s calling fulfilled. That fuels me!

I love my family, my wife Karen, my daughters Erin and Hannah and my son-in-law Jordan.

Welcome to my world!

So what's my passion?

In short, my passion is to advise and serve artists, bands and church teams to bring their unique calling to life in a way that facilitates their authenticity as individuals/groups.

Helping Christian musicians authentically impact their world.

Helping an artist craft their songs and their sound to say what God has bubbling in their heart, then, using sounds, styles, melodies that are authentically them and seeing those songs connect with their audience, can put a tear in my eye.Over the years I have found that knowing the work, crafting, soul searching and sacrifices that go in to their songs and sound, and seeing them get their music in front of people, is what brings me joy and gives me purpose.

Electric Guitar_edited.jpg
Electric Guitar_edited.jpg

To help hone artistry and songs to be the unique and true expression of who you are.

Whether it is worship music, CCM, singer/songwriter, rock, pop, regardless of genre, I believe the DNA of the artist should always shine through.

To help artists navigate the crazy world of music, especially Christian music.

It all looks fun and safe, especially in the Christian music world, but unfortunately there are many pitfalls and hurdles that artists will encounter. Sometimes those hurdles hit artists hard, especially when they are navigating this alone. Having worked across the world on Christian music for 40 years, with mega churches through to artists who write songs in their bedroom, I have navigated many seasons and scenarios, the good, the bad and the ugly. My heart, is as that of a father, to advise and guide artists. From both my experience and what I encounter in a fast changing music world, I seek to bring a Kingdom mindset to decisions and pathways that impacts artists, in the short and long term.

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