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About Me

Hi, I'm Adrian Thompson

In short, my passion is to advise and serve artists, bands and church teams to bring their unique calling to life in a way that facilitates their authenticity as individuals/groups. I have been actively involved with Christian music all my life. From a kid in children's choir, through leading worship in youth groups and churches, to being a full time front man in a band, and this past season of being a label manager, head of publishing and head of A&R in Christian music companies. It goes without saying that I love God - The father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love the Church. I love the people and I love getting to see people's calling fulfilled. That fuels me!

Let's Collaborate



Getting an understanding of your vision and bringing practical advice, connections, and timelines to your musical projects.


Project Management/A&R

Overseeing all aspects of your music project from song choices through budgeting and production to fulfillment and release.


Training and Speaking

With a lifetime of practical music world experience and a heart to see a healthy Christian music industry, my desire is to pass on all knowledge and understanding to help people have best practice in Christian music.

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Adrian Thompson

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